Valves are used in industrial installations and pipelines for general use. They are used to cut off the flow of media such as water, sewage, air, gas, oil, lubricating oils and diesel fuels, combustion gases. Installation from vertical to horizontal. They can be applied to the connection: flanged, socket, threaded and welded, controlled manually or automatically. Valves are used in water supply, industrial sludge. It is possible to building underground.
knife gate valves
Knife gate valves shut off mechanically contaminated liquid media and media flowing, such as pulp. They are mounted both in horizontal and vertical. They can be made with the stem-rising and rising, with manual control with automatic wheel or by using pneumatic or electric actuator. It is possible to building underground. They are used in sewage treatment plants, sewage networks, drainage facilities, stations bulk materials, pulp and paper industry, food processing, brewing, metallurgy, chemical industry.
butterfly and obstruc valves
Butterfly valves are used to maintain the unidirectional flow of liquid and to prevent reverse flow of the medium. Reservoir dampers, in turn, are used as control valve or shut-off. Flanged or wafer, with manual or automatic with electric actuator, hydraulic or pneumatic. Provided for a wide range of applications: water, wastewater, steam, gas. Butterfly valves of large diameter flanges are mainly used for water supply and sewerage networks.
ball valves
Ball valves are used to shut off the flow of refrigerant in drinking water, vapor, liquid, oil, solvents, acids, salt solutions, and others. They are used in heating, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry. Stainless steel valves are used to transfer selected organic and inorganic acids, water, natural, saline and alkaline, corrosive substances and food products. Carbon steel valves are used primarily in the transmission of water, steam, air, noble gases and natural gas, propane, butane, petroleum substances, and other aggressive substances.
globe valves
Globe valves are designed for water, steam, oil and other liquids and gases, and acid-resistant performance to the chemically active agents (acids, bases, salt solutions), the range of concentrations of conditioned behavior of materials used in their construction. Are generally used on installations, refineries, pipelines, general purpose industrial and marine pipelines, used to cut off the flow of refrigerant, and in the execution of the fungus control – to throttle the flow.
check valves
Check valves, as a non-return valves, are used to protect piping and equipment against reverse flow of the medium. They are installed on pipelines and tank stationary and transport on the lines of industrial, measuring, and in the installation, where we have to prevent the backflow of stream flow. Check valves are designed for: water, steam, oil and other natural liquids and gases, work in marine, and performed by acid-resistant to chemically active agents.
diaphragm valves
These valves are used to control the flow of liquids and gases. They are designed primarily for chemically aggressive media. Depending on design and materials used in their construction, expansion and diaphragm valves are used in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, flue gas desulphurisation (so-called lime milk) in power, transport medium abrasive stone processing in mining, chemical, agro-food and many others.
safety valves
Safety valves protect installations against excessive pressure. An essential part of the installation, which is reliable and durable. Depending on the design of the valve, it can protect the system against volatile or liquid agents. Spring-loaded safety valves may be flanged and threaded. Safety valves are used in all plants with the installation of pressure vessels or Booster, which may have different temperature and pressure.
We offer a wide range of flanges: blinded, with support, neck, flat, loose, embossed, threaded and others. Flanges are available in various standards, sizes and species, from black steel, by heat-resistant steel, to the acid-resistant steel. Below is a list of available products:
We offer a wide range of fittings: elbows, curved arches, reducers, flanges loose, bottoms, tees. Threaded and welded fittings are available in different standard, size and species, from black steel for heat-resistant steel, including the acid-resistant. Connection fittings and is designed to repair the breakdown, installation of gate valves, valves, dampers, as well as to connect the initial and final parts of pipelines: connectors, connectors, clamps, bands, cover and fittings.
acid-resistant flanges
flat flanges for welding type 01
loose flanges type 02 with flat ring for welding type 32
loose flanges type 04 with flat ring for welding type 34
flanges with neck for welding type 11
neck flanges
neck flanges according to ansi b16.5
round blind flanges type 05
round blind flanges according to ansi b16.5