Dual pump


Dual-pumps are made in horizontal and vertical version; they are characterized by high efficiency and are designed for pumping clean or slightly polluted water. Double-suction pumps are used in many industries: the supply of water in water supply, municipal and industrial plants, in circuits of cool and hot water in power plants and power stations; at pumping large amounts of water in chemical and petrochemical industry, and fire prevention.

dual pump
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Vacuum pumps and blowers from a rotating liquid ring are used for suction and discharge of gases and vapors at 100 ° C with the use of fluids with a viscosity of 80 mm ² / sec and a temperature of 80 ° C at the outlet; aggressive liquids will be located in the resistance corrosion of materials used for construction of the pump. They are used for producing vacuum in technological systems, priming siphon water, transport of bulk materials and in industrial processes in which gases are needed uncontaminated with oil: water supply industry, chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, food, paper.
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Sanitary pumps are made of stainless steel mainly due to its use in breweries, beverage production plants, dairies, food, pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetic, water treatment plants, semiconductor manufacturing factories and textile industry. Sanitary pumps designed according to strict hygiene criteria. By appropriate finish material which is the most important physical properties of the pump, the growth of bacteria and germs are excluded. Therefore, the sanitary pump range consists of many different types, each device will ideally suited to the particular installation conditions.
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Submersible pumps are designed for use in immersion tanks and chambers flooded with liquid water. Depending on the implementation of structural and material can be used for pumping clean water, contaminated, municipal and industrial wastewater. We offer pumps with closed, open and Vortex rotors, and for the biggest performance – with propeller and diagonal rotors. They are used in sewage pumping stations and treatment plants, pumping stations and industrial emergency dewatering of flooded basements, surface drainage pit mines and minerals, aggregates and draining pools and tanks.