single stage centrifugal pumps with bearing housing
Single-stage centrifugal pumps with bearing housing, depending on the design of the pump impeller and the implementation of the material used for pumping clean water, contaminated, sewage and industrial and other media on the corrosion resistance of materials used for construction of the pump. These pumps are widely used in plumbing, heating, cooling, fire hydrant and other industrial plants in the economy of wastewater, energy, metallurgy, chemical and petrochemical industries.
monoblock stage pumps
Monobloc pumps are designed for pumping clean, slightly contaminated, and other liquids in the corrosion resistance of materials used in their construction. With the console mounted directly on the rotor shaft of the motor – pump has a compact design. The pump is used where you have limited space for its development. These devices are used in industrial heating, power, steel, water-drain, chemicals, coke, in quarries and in installations: central heating, air conditioning, water supply, booster, hydrant, industrial.
process and chemical pumps
Chemical pumps and process depending on the design and materials used for construction can be used for pumping acids, hydroxides, industrial water, hot, distilled water, ammonia, steam condensate, oil, fuel oil, industrial waste water, lime milk, paints, varnishes and electroplating baths. Therefore, these pumps are used in chemical, coke-chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper, power, steel, water and sewage, food, sugar, pharmaceuticals, galvanizing and paint, the EX is used in hazardous areas.
self priming pumps
Cardiovascular-priming pumps are used for pumping the corrosion resistance of materials used in their construction. Self suck, so you do not need to flood in to the suction fluid. Depending on construction and material the pumps can be used to pump such as gasoline, fuel oil, liquefied propane with a mixture of butane without the gas phase. They are used in water supply from wells or reservoirs, water vending machines, water supply systems and industrial plants and petro-chemical, filling terminals, LPG stations.
multistage vertical and horizontal pumps
Multistage pumps are used for pumping clean, treated water, industrial boilers and water containing a moderate amount of solid matter. They are used in water supply systems, pressure vessels, industrial air conditioners, washing machines, irrigation, spraying, feeding. They are also widely used in car washes, rail, wash screens in paper mills and sugar, to supply steam generators in the food industry, injectors, battery, ammonia water in the coke industry.
shaft pumps
Shaft pumps are working in an upright position and are designed for pumping water, contaminated liquids containing slurries, sludge, sewage; in embodiments of the chemicals are also suitable for chemically aggressive liquids such as acids, salt solutions, electroplating baths, fuel oil, liquid sulfur. Therefore they find application in various industries such as metallurgy, energy, mining and mineral aggregates, chemical industry and the economy of wastewater.
diagonal pumps
Diagonal vertical pumps single or multi-ply added submersible pumps are produced in various forms adequate to the place of installation. Depending on the implementation of structural and material transfer diagonal pumps can transfer clean water, industrial, rain containing small amounts of impurities. They are characterized by a high efficiency at relatively low lift heights, which will allow their use in water pumping stations and industry, but also in the surface water intakes and in power as cooling water pumps.
dual pump
Dual-pumps are made in horizontal and vertical version; they are characterized by high efficiency and are designed for pumping clean or slightly polluted water. Double-suction pumps are used in many industries: the supply of water in water supply, municipal and industrial plants, in circuits of cool and hot water in power plants and power stations; at pumping large amounts of water in chemical and petrochemical industry, and fire prevention.
submersible pumps
Submersible pumps are designed for use in immersion tanks and chambers flooded with liquid water. Depending on the implementation of structural and material can be used for pumping clean water, contaminated, municipal and industrial wastewater. We offer pumps with closed, open and Vortex rotors, and for the biggest performance – with propeller and diagonal rotors. They are used in sewage pumping stations and treatment plants, pumping stations and industrial emergency dewatering of flooded basements, surface drainage pit mines and minerals, aggregates and draining pools and tanks.
Franklin Electric submersible motors
Sanitary pumps Grundfos Hilge
Sanitary pumps are made of stainless steel mainly due to its use in breweries, beverage production plants, dairies, food, pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetic, water treatment plants, semiconductor manufacturing factories and textile industry. Sanitary pumps designed according to strict hygiene criteria. By appropriate finish material which is the most important physical properties of the pump, the growth of bacteria and germs are excluded. Therefore, the sanitary pump range consists of many different types, each device will ideally suited to the particular installation conditions.
deep-sea pumps
Deep-sea pumps are designed for pumping of potable water, treated water, raw, sea, mineral and thermal water without containing abrasive admixtures and fibers. Depending on the type of submersible pump sand content can be up to 50-100g/m3. Submersible pumps are used in water supply for drinking and personal shots of water and drainage systems of different industries. They are mounted mainly in borehole wells with known parameters (yield wells and dynamic water table).
mixing spotlight
Gravels, mixers and aeration ejectors are mainly used for mixing and aeration of sewage in order to among others: prevention of sedimentation and separation of layers, support processes, harmonizing physicochemical properties of factor and production of fluid movement in reservoirs. These devices are used in sewage treatment plants, septic catchments, but also in the joints and the food industry.
vacuum pumps blowers
Vacuum pumps and blowers from a rotating liquid ring are used for suction and discharge of gases and vapors at 100 ° C with the use of fluids with a viscosity of 80 mm ² / sec and a temperature of 80 ° C at the outlet; aggressive liquids will be located in the resistance corrosion of materials used for construction of the pump. They are used for producing vacuum in technological systems, priming siphon water, transport of bulk materials and in industrial processes in which gases are needed uncontaminated with oil: water supply industry, chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, food, paper.
screw pumps
Screw pumps are used when pumping liquids and slurries with high density and viscosity, containing solids. Can pump: caustic soda, lime milk, flotation sludge, sludge in wastewater treatment sludge from electroplating, pulp, ceramic, polymers, turbine oils, used oil motor and machine, edible oils, vegetable and fruit purees, cheese, yogurt. These pumps, available with variable speed, can be used as feeders in the industry: chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper, wastewater, fatty, food, pharmaceutical, ceramic, beverage.
hydrotransport pumps
Pumps for pumping and hydraulic fluids containing sand, gravel, coal, ash, ore, clay, lime milk, flotation tailings, pulp. These devices are resistant to abrasive erosion resistance – it is used: the mines of ores and minerals to transport ore, gravel, sand, stones, paper mills and chipboard production plants for forcing masses of pulp and paper mills, power plants and heating plants for hydraulic ash, pumping of lime milk, mill for pumping water, cement and lime plants for pumping sand and materials production.
sets Hydrophore
Sets hydrophore are built based on one or more pumps: vertical multistage centrifugal, horizontal, single stage, linear, deep-sealed in airtight coats. They are offered as complete sets of pumps connected in parallel with the collector and fittings (stainless steel or carbon zinc), equipped with control systems and monitoring work. Booster is designed for pumping and improve water pressure in water supply systems, hydrant systems, residential, office and public buildings and industrial installations.
metering pumps and dosing systems
Metering pumps are designed for very precise liquid dispensing. Are used in processes requiring precise, continuous or periodic administration of substances and mixtures for the preparation of a specific chemical composition. These pumps are built based on commuting engines rotating engine reciprocating piston or diaphragm. Power units can be set up in series to form a multi-head pump units. Additionally, we offer complete sets of dispensing with the tank, dosing pump, mixer and control the preparation, storage and dispensing solutions.
water supply machines
Automatic water supply device is a compact, equipped with tank-pressure, pressure switch, pump and machine control units. The machines can be used different reservoirs: water-air galvanized, painted, glazed and fitted with a rubber skirt, and three types of pumps: priming, submersible and submersible. Automatic Booster Pump is widely used for supplying water to private households.
linear monoblock pumps
Linear pumps are used for pumping water and other liquids in the corrosion resistance of materials used for construction of the pump and as the name suggests, are characterized by the body in the system in-line. Are most often used in central heating, hot water, air conditioning, water and other industrial and technological installations. These pumps are also offered with the motor with integrated frequency converter; in this version are used among others. to maintain a constant pressure or differential pressure in systems.
Circulation pumps
Circulator pumps are designed for installation in systems mainly convection of water, hot water and water with antifreeze. These pumps are ideal for installations: central heating, ventilation, air conditioning, industrial, as well as in technological circuits (eg in factories, hotels, hospitals, offices).
Stamping will help minimize the risk of clog hydraulic pumps, which occurs particularly in wastewater pumping systems because they contain solids. The use of pumping stations for the separation troublesome elements (strings, rags, bandages, etc.) can effectively avoid the problems in wastewater pumping systems – mainly the state of emergency pumping. Presses are ideal for pumping high-intensity range of sewage, sewage systems, which are dragged materials (such as hospitals, hotels), as well as in places where high lift is required.
self priming dewatering pumps with electric and internal combustion
They are offered primarily as a self-priming pump in a portable version on a trolley or a frame with internal combustion engines or electric. For large capacity are proposed on the frame or trailer adapted for traveling on public roads. Depending on the type of pump can by used for pumping clean water and polluted. These pumps are widely used for the dewatering of flooded excavations, basements or confined spaces. Use them for technical rescue services and fire brigades in shares fire and flood. Are also useful in the construction and municipal economy.