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Gravels, mixers and aeration ejectors are mainly used for mixing and aeration of sewage in order to among others: prevention of sedimentation and separation of layers, support processes, harmonizing physicochemical properties of factor and production of fluid movement in reservoirs. These devices are used in sewage treatment plants, septic catchments, but also in the joints and the food industry.

mixing spotlight
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linear monoblock pumps
Linear pumps are used for pumping water and other liquids in the corrosion resistance of materials used for construction of the pump and as the name suggests, are characterized by the body in the system in-line. Are most often used in central heating, hot water, air conditioning, water and other industrial and technological installations. These pumps are also offered with the motor with integrated frequency converter; in this version are used among others. to maintain a constant pressure or differential pressure in systems.
multistage vertical and horizontal pumps
Multistage pumps are used for pumping clean, treated water, industrial boilers and water containing a moderate amount of solid matter. They are used in water supply systems, pressure vessels, industrial air conditioners, washing machines, irrigation, spraying, feeding. They are also widely used in car washes, rail, wash screens in paper mills and sugar, to supply steam generators in the food industry, injectors, battery, ammonia water in the coke industry.
monoblock stage pumps
Monobloc pumps are designed for pumping clean, slightly contaminated, and other liquids in the corrosion resistance of materials used in their construction. With the console mounted directly on the rotor shaft of the motor – pump has a compact design. The pump is used where you have limited space for its development. These devices are used in industrial heating, power, steel, water-drain, chemicals, coke, in quarries and in installations: central heating, air conditioning, water supply, booster, hydrant, industrial.