Shaft pumps


Shaft pumps are working in an upright position and are designed for pumping water, contaminated liquids containing slurries, sludge, sewage; in embodiments of the chemicals are also suitable for chemically aggressive liquids such as acids, salt solutions, electroplating baths, fuel oil, liquid sulfur.

Therefore they find application in various industries such as metallurgy, energy, mining and mineral aggregates, chemical industry and the economy of wastewater.

shaft pumps
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linear monoblock pumps
Linear pumps are used for pumping water and other liquids in the corrosion resistance of materials used for construction of the pump and as the name suggests, are characterized by the body in the system in-line. Are most often used in central heating, hot water, air conditioning, water and other industrial and technological installations. These pumps are also offered with the motor with integrated frequency converter; in this version are used among others. to maintain a constant pressure or differential pressure in systems.
self priming pumps
Cardiovascular-priming pumps are used for pumping the corrosion resistance of materials used in their construction. Self suck, so you do not need to flood in to the suction fluid. Depending on construction and material the pumps can be used to pump such as gasoline, fuel oil, liquefied propane with a mixture of butane without the gas phase. They are used in water supply from wells or reservoirs, water vending machines, water supply systems and industrial plants and petro-chemical, filling terminals, LPG stations.
dual pump
Dual-pumps are made in horizontal and vertical version; they are characterized by high efficiency and are designed for pumping clean or slightly polluted water. Double-suction pumps are used in many industries: the supply of water in water supply, municipal and industrial plants, in circuits of cool and hot water in power plants and power stations; at pumping large amounts of water in chemical and petrochemical industry, and fire prevention.