Water supply machines


Automatic water supply device is a compact, equipped with tank-pressure, pressure switch, pump and machine control units. The machines can be used different reservoirs: water-air galvanized, painted, glazed and fitted with a rubber skirt, and three types of pumps: priming, submersible and submersible. Automatic Booster Pump is widely used for supplying water to private households.

water supply machines
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monoblock stage pumps
Monobloc pumps are designed for pumping clean, slightly contaminated, and other liquids in the corrosion resistance of materials used in their construction. With the console mounted directly on the rotor shaft of the motor – pump has a compact design. The pump is used where you have limited space for its development. These devices are used in industrial heating, power, steel, water-drain, chemicals, coke, in quarries and in installations: central heating, air conditioning, water supply, booster, hydrant, industrial.
deep-sea pumps
Deep-sea pumps are designed for pumping of potable water, treated water, raw, sea, mineral and thermal water without containing abrasive admixtures and fibers. Depending on the type of submersible pump sand content can be up to 50-100g/m3. Submersible pumps are used in water supply for drinking and personal shots of water and drainage systems of different industries. They are mounted mainly in borehole wells with known parameters (yield wells and dynamic water table).
submersible pumps
Submersible pumps are designed for use in immersion tanks and chambers flooded with liquid water. Depending on the implementation of structural and material can be used for pumping clean water, contaminated, municipal and industrial wastewater. We offer pumps with closed, open and Vortex rotors, and for the biggest performance – with propeller and diagonal rotors. They are used in sewage pumping stations and treatment plants, pumping stations and industrial emergency dewatering of flooded basements, surface drainage pit mines and minerals, aggregates and draining pools and tanks.