Stamping will help minimize the risk of clog hydraulic pumps, which occurs particularly in wastewater pumping systems because they contain solids. The use of pumping stations for the separation troublesome elements (strings, rags, bandages, etc.) can effectively avoid the problems in wastewater pumping systems – mainly the state of emergency pumping. Presses are ideal for pumping high-intensity range of sewage, sewage systems, which are dragged materials (such as hospitals, hotels), as well as in places where high lift is required.

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diagonal pumps
Diagonal vertical pumps single or multi-ply added submersible pumps are produced in various forms adequate to the place of installation. Depending on the implementation of structural and material transfer diagonal pumps can transfer clean water, industrial, rain containing small amounts of impurities. They are characterized by a high efficiency at relatively low lift heights, which will allow their use in water pumping stations and industry, but also in the surface water intakes and in power as cooling water pumps.
single stage centrifugal pumps with bearing housing
Single-stage centrifugal pumps with bearing housing, depending on the design of the pump impeller and the implementation of the material used for pumping clean water, contaminated, sewage and industrial and other media on the corrosion resistance of materials used for construction of the pump. These pumps are widely used in plumbing, heating, cooling, fire hydrant and other industrial plants in the economy of wastewater, energy, metallurgy, chemical and petrochemical industries.
process and chemical pumps
Chemical pumps and process depending on the design and materials used for construction can be used for pumping acids, hydroxides, industrial water, hot, distilled water, ammonia, steam condensate, oil, fuel oil, industrial waste water, lime milk, paints, varnishes and electroplating baths. Therefore, these pumps are used in chemical, coke-chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper, power, steel, water and sewage, food, sugar, pharmaceuticals, galvanizing and paint, the EX is used in hazardous areas.