chromium steel resistant to corrosion
Suitable for the manufacture durable parts machinery: shaft, bolt, molds for casting, as well as tools for machining, springs and parts of working in clean water or water vapor atmosphere; also used for the manufacture of cutting tools (eg. Shears).
chromium steel resistant to corrosion
Is applied usually in food, chemical and petrochemical industry to the manufacture of pipes, tanks, cisterns, pump, industrial fittings, vessels and machine parts working under low mechanical load. Widely used in the construction industry to trim exteriors, such as the construction of stairs or railings.
heat resistant steel
Essential at high temperature in the range 850 – 1150°C; is used for the manufacture of industrial furnaces, steam boilers and the installation of crude oil; is also used for the production of rails, grates, covers thermocouples and other elements of industrial furnaces.
heat resistant boiler steel
Rated for operation at elevated temperatures; used in the manufacture of responsible machinery parts, equipment in the construction of steam turbines, rotor shafts, screws, nuts and used for the construction of pressure equipment.
case hardened steel
Practical for the production of machine parts with required surface layer with high hardness and ductile core, such as gears, screws, shafts, sleeves, large size – parts to be very high pressures and loads.
steel for nitriding
Suitable for machine parts with high strength core with very high surface hardness.
steel for quenching
Appropriate for the production of heavily loaded, exposed to shocks, torsion or vibration, such as shafts, crankshafts, rotors, blades of steam turbines, spindles, levers, axles of vehicles, connecting rods, shafts, pumps and presses, parts control, rings.
spring steel
Used in the manufacture of flat springs, helical springs, torsion bars, springs, springs for motor vehicles according to the type – operating at low or high loads.
carbon non-alloy and stainless steel
Carbon steel is used in the production of medium-bearing, such as axles, crankshafts, eccentric, and toothed, spindles, rollers, pump rotors, pistons, levers, wedges, rods, screws, rings, etc. Non-alloy steel arise from the construction, welded, riveted and joined with screws operating at ambient temperature. Cutting steel is used for machining on automatic and high-speed machine tools for threading.
Cold work tool steel
Used in the production of tool kits for punching and cutting tools for sheet metal, thread rolling jaws of cold, dies and punches to the extrusion blade for cutting wood and metal, pneumatic chisels, punches, cutters, dies for cold, form into bending, straightening rolls, etc.
hot work tool steel
Used to catalog the elements of molds for pressure die casting, extrusion tools for low-melting alloys, die inserts, dies, stamps, punches, dies, working under heavy load, dies hammer of medium size and deep grooves, loaded with inserts die, extrusion tools, shoes thread rolling, drawing dies, dies for iron alloys, etc.