Chromium steel resistant to corrosion

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Suitable for the manufacture durable parts machinery: shaft, bolt, molds for casting, as well as tools for machining, springs and parts of working in clean water or water vapor atmosphere; also used for the manufacture of cutting tools (eg. Shears).

chromium steel resistant to corrosion
Technical data
PN EN Werkstoff nr AISI
0H13 X6Cr13 1.4000 403
1H13 X12Cr13 1.4006 410
H17 X6Cr17 1.4016 430
2H13 X20Cr13 1.4021 420
3H13 X30Cr13 1.4028 420 F
4H13 X46Cr13 1.4034  
H17N2 X17CrNi16-2 1.4057 431
  X14CrMoS17 1.4104 430 F
  X90CrMoV18 1.4112 440 B
H18 X105CrMo17 1.4125 440 C
0H17T X3CrTi17 1.4510 430 Ti
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